Improving your business through people development

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Posted 17 Sept 2017: Resilience is like a Mobius strip. Resilience is the capacity to recover and spring back easily. A mobius strip is springy and can move easily all from one side of material responding seamlessly to movement and change effectively. How resilient a leader are you? Want to know more? For more details…

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Coaching mastery – It’s more than one rigid method

Posted 26 March 2017 Have you ever been coached and wondered what was going on in terms of process? Who has been the best coach you have experienced and how did they do it ? What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring and why use coaching and or mentoring ? I’ve been reflecting about coaching…

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The Brain Garden – connecting business with nature

Posted 22 Jan 2016: My passion is gardening  and I often wondered how I could transfer my patience with  nature to the business situation, because  after all business is life too. So we’ve started  writing about  the analogy of gardening to business in a publication called The Brain Garden. You may have a different passion but the…

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Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management

I recently presented a paper to The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) conference where I discussed ways they could grow their business based on sound business management strategies. Like any other sector, ICCM members face challenges and competition and they need to grow their respective businesses, through a combination of improving their market…

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