Improving your business through people development

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Care, confidence and capability – Your role in balancing service and business through the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

Posted 16 January 2016: 

A title of a recent national conference presentation by Tina Cook of emc.

There’s more to business than shareholder value as stated by the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). How you attend to your own people, customers and the environment is critical. In addition research has shown by the Institute of Business Ethics (for those of you only interested in profit!) that attention to the TBL can reap substantial financial benefits anyway.

You might be surprised at how easily TBL business principles can be applied to virtually any business sector across every industry. The presentation covered a range of topics from exploring the pitfalls of reinventing the wheel rather than realising resources and skills already held to innovating in the blue not the green economy. The theory was then translated into action through a tailored case study in this case a  family business  in the crematoria industry.

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