Improving your business through people development

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How do we link thinking and doing?

It is beyond training

emc works from your agenda with tools that suit you and guarantees success.


emc‘s business model is based on a project management approach (maximum value for minimum investment) combined with Action Learning (group coaching, where appropriate) to ensure that you don’t only know the challenges you face, but can actually do something about them.


emc integrates Action Learning and project management for maximum effect. 


Action Learning is a problem solving method that delivers real results. Used alone it is a well established process which helps unblock blocks to enable people to succeed. 


Project management is a framework with tools and techniques to ensure processes are put in place to drive through change from beginning to end.


The results gained include:

  • More effective use of time
  • Understanding of the difference between simple and complex problems and their solutions 
  • Using project management processes to do the right thing at the right time for the best effect
  • Becoming confident and skillful at working with others


Examples of completed emc projects:

Culture change project
Moving to a more modern and customer focussed service emc supported the staff and board through a wide range of learning interventions and redesigned job roles for increased efficiency.


Project management training
 enabled a local authority to roll out project management concepts and practice to all levels of staff simultaneously.


Succession planning
emc introduced a more rigorous review process and coaching to enable staff to develop skills and confidence.


Quality improvement project
To help reduce the postcode lottery on NHS services, emc offered support through a programme to enable staff to provide a more equitable service.


Coaching and mentoring for leadership project
delivered phased workshops to assist all staff to integrate coaching and mentoring into their toolkit and daily work practice.  


Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success

Henry Ford