Improving your business through people development

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Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management

I recently presented a paper to The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) conference where I discussed ways they could grow their business based on sound business management strategies. Like any other sector, ICCM members face challenges and competition and they need to grow their respective businesses, through a combination of improving their market share whilst at the same time working more efficiently.


You might be surprised at how easily fundamental business principles can be applied to virtually any business sector across every industry. The presentation covered several topics, from exploring the pitfalls of reinventing the wheel rather than realising how to make proper use of the resources and skills you already have to looking at moving on from the green economy to the blue economy. Following a theoretical discussion, we looked at how all this general theory could be tailored to a specific industry, in this case crematoria and cemeteries.


If you’d like to download the complete paper please Click here

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