Improving your business through people development

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applefly zooming in : business coaching, change management, project management & more.

Solutions – we will find a way or we will make a way


When do you need a learning and change specialist?

  • When you are stuck
  • When you want to succeed easily and quickly
  • In moments of transition
  • Because you need the confidence to take the plunge
  • Perhaps you need new and fresh ideas
  • Maybe you can’t see the wood for the trees

In a nutshell this is what emc does:


  • Listen carefully so emc understands your needs
  • Speak your language
  • Work with you to create an actionable plan

Orchestrate and nudge

  • Design change management
  • Facilitate learning events
  • Coach people through tricky issues


In short emc helps you get it done. 


Since 2002 emc has been leading and working  in partnership with specialists and experienced consultants in the field. All consultants we work with sign up to emc‘s ethics, values and culture to ensure you achieve the best results.


Why ethical?

  • Operating according to ethical values is playing an increasingly important role in business today eg a survey commissioned by the Institute of Business Ethics found that 74% of the public from 24 countries say that ethical practice is an important factor when deciding who to buy from (Mori Survey 2013). 
  • Strange but true – it has been shown that ethical practice can increase profitability rather than suppress it. Robert Barr, General Manger at Manchester Crematorium, cited increased profit (from 25 % in  2013 to 51% in 2015) through working with emc. His comment was:

“A huge turnaround in our company’s  fortune – I would recommend emc to any other business requiring change management”

So emc‘s promise to you on the ethical front is  to be human, fair and transparent in achieving the best results for you with least input from us ie real value for money and return on investment (ROI).

“Tina, of emc is one of those people that can intuitively ask the key questions, then actually listens to the answers to use this information to get the best out of people. Her approach is encouraging and supportive, but most of all direct. Her challenging formula enabled me to grow.”

Helen Wordsworth, Chair of the National Learn and Improve Board, November 2013


Tina Cook established emc in 2002 and the consultancy has a  great track record of results, based on professional qualifications and memberships, including:

“We’ve seen most things and own many T-shirts”

The why: Progress (getting results), Catalyst (energy & support for change), Environment (addressing your specific situation.